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Fly Banner Rectangular

It is one of the most classic Fly Banners models used in advertising. One of its main advantages is that it offers a greater visual surface for the design that you want to print on the flag.

The Rectangular Fly Banner carries on its power arm a flag with a scabbard on the top and ribbons on the sides. The power arm, being rotatable, allows the flag to be rotated 360 degrees.

They can be purchased in complete packs with everything you need for your exhibition: pole, flag already printed with the custom design, a base to choose from among the 9 available and all the accessories necessary for assembly.

Fly Banner Rectangular Measurements
Height from the ground Flag width
S 220 cm 70 x 180 cm
M 340 cm 70 x 280 cm


The Beach Flags can carry these 8 types of bases, without varying the price:

Cross base with float

Wall base

Threaded screw base

Pica base

Hercules base 12 kg

Water base

Deluxe base 4 kg

Car wheel base

Base fly banner for marquee


The Fly Banner can go with its optional Oxford case, which can fit two units.