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Outdoor flag poles

The outdoor flag poles are made of aluminum and can be folded down. Especially suitable for outdoor use due to its composition, resistant to inclement weather. Its height reaches 6 meters, they are composed of 2 pieces of aluminum of 3 meters. Each of its parts are hermetically spliced. It is 65mm in diameter and 2.5mm thick. Its triangular base of oven galvanized steel is 25 x 25 x 25 cm with 3 bolts anchored 50 cm bent.

Possible places of use: public bodies (town halls, ministries, councils, schools …) and other places such as hotels, campsites, restaurants, gas stations, dealerships, fairs or commercial surfaces.

We have two types of outdoor poles depending on their purpose (institutional or advertising), each one has different accessories.

Folding aluminum mast

Institutional Mast Accessories


Accessory for winding and tying the rope

System for collecting halyard

to pass the rope and raise the flag


Finishing for the end of the neck

Advertising pole accessories

Swivel system

Allow the flag to rotate 360º.


It is passed through the ring of the flag in order to keep it stretched.


Prevents colliding against the mast causing noise


Finishing for the end of the neck

Power arm

The flag is held at the top vertically