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Telescopic masts

The telescopic pole is suitable for vertical flags and has a power arm that holds the advertising flag. It is extendable from 5 to 7 meters. Due to its height, the flag can offer a wide vertical surface for the design to be printed.

In addition, it is more economical and manageable than the aluminum mast that is permanently cast into the ground.

You can buy telescopic poles prepared in a complete pack that includes the flag, the pole, a specific base and all the accessories necessary for its assembly, or buy each of its components separately.

The telescopic pole can be used permanently indoors. Being removable and easily transportable, it is possible to use it in temporary non-permanent outdoor events.

Telescopic mast and its components

Telescopic mast base

4 base reinforcements

Transport cases

Telescopic Mast Assembly

Telescopic mast and vertical flag