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Telescopic Mast 22,96 feet

Includes detachable base fillable with water or sand. Adjustable up to 22,96 feet high.

Light 14,63 feet Telescopic Mast, also called “Rectangular Beach Flag”


Adjustable to various heights, up to 14,63 feet inches. White lacquered aluminium. 5 basic types: crosshead with float-weight, screw thread to stick in the sand, wall base, skewer and car wheel base. Flag: 11,48x2,29 feet


Dispatch Mast


Chromed aluminium mast with circular base, telescopic up to 9,84 feet. Ball finished.

Desktop Mast


Chromed Desktop Mast 12,60 inches.

Folding aluminium mast

Measures: 19,68 and 26,24 feet

Models: publishing and institutional