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Advertising Flags and Banners

We manufacture vertical flags with upper case and grip bands to secure to mast, 100% polyester fabric, 115g/m2, 3 threads, especial for outdoor use. They are custom flags.

We offer the option of banner screen-printing for orders above 100 units. Screen printed colours are more vivid and more accurate as compared to the original. For orders of banners below 100 units, we print banners using inject sublimation.

These customized flags are for use in advertising masts (both fiberglass and aluminium) and telescopic masts.



We manufacture advertising textiles of all sizes.


Our advertising flags for outdoor use are made of 100% bright polyester 115gxm2 and 3-thread mesh. Colourfast and washable. This is the same fabric we use for institutional flags, Beach Flags and demonstration flags.

Sports Flags.

Polyester fabric 115g/m2, (same as used in Pop Up banners) with golden cotton fringe. 10,63x7,87 inches. Printed on both sides, with reinforcing hardener in the middle.

Hanging Banner